With all of the shows, books, movies, events and even government advisories from the CDC that feature and highlight the fright created when the dead rise from their graves and begin to walk the earth in search of screams, and brains, what Halloween event is now complete without zombies? From slashing and levitating zombie props, animated zombies escaping from their graves, and zombies hanging around on the wall ready to leap out and grab your unsuspecting guests as they walk by, We have a wide range of truly frightening and believable static and animated zombie Halloween props to help you turn your next Halloween celebration into a festival of the brain munching, walking undead frightful fun! Who says the zombie apocalypse won’t really happen? We even have realistic zombies lifting their tombstones as they rise from their graves and animated zombies walking towards you to help you get ready for a night of dead waking fun and delight your guests as you transform your home into a land of zombies! You bring the victims … er guests, and we will provide the rest for a screaming great time at your next Halloween or zombie themed event!

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